The frost spirit - an animated short film

Poster the Frost Spirit.jpg

Director's Statement

          To us, The Frost Spirit is not about the duality of good vs. evil, or light vs. dark, but is rather about the change - personified through the Frost Spirit character - that is necessary to move forward in life. It is about the importance of adapting to change to make your life better - bad things will inevitably happen, and you must be prepared to turn them into positives. To visualize this change, we created The Frost Spirit character as a blue warrior perpetually on his horse. His triangular head was made to emphasize the discomfort he may bring, because though triangles are sturdy, the rigidness of its angles also tend to leave a slightly disturbing lasting impression. In contrast to that, our young boy protagonist character symbolizes the fearful thoughts of the unknown that an impending change and bring - will it be a good change, or a bad change? That doubt creates cognitive dissonance, which leads to potentially paralyzing doubt.

          When we get to the ending, when the boy and Frost Spirit finally meet, the boy has come to understand the necessity of accepting change and internalizing it to better one's life. Being alive is being in eternal doubt about all the things around us, but if we resist those doubts rather than allowing them to exist by our side, we can miss out on what it really means to be alive. Our visual style, using sharp shapes and edges throughout the entire animation, derives from the concept of trying to avoid a rigid lifestyle, and setting the piece at night brings an additional feeling of suspense to the proceedings, culminating in the final standoff. 


-Guilherme & Iuri Araujo