Guilherme Araujo - director/Animator

Guilherme Araújo (aka Guima) has graduated in Visual Arts – Graphic Design in UFG (2007). Illustrator and animator, has participated of the International Summer School Program in Character Animation in GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, Paris/France (2012). He worked on own projects like “Marionettes” (2006), “Chaos and Water” (2011) and “Aniz, the little witch apprentice” (2015). He has already participed of several festivals like Animamundi. He contributes with animations for TED-Ed (New York) and The School of Life (London). Along with his brother Iuri, he runs Provincia Studio in Brazil.



Iuri Araujo - Director/animator

Iuri Araújo has Master Degree in Visual Arts – Visual Culture in UFG (2014). Illustrator and animator, he has experience n Game Art, participating in the RPG project Pier Solar and the Great Architects. As animator, he participated for 3 times in Animamundi – International Animation Festival of Brazil, with short films like “Why Girlfriends” and “Masks’s Battle” and specialized in Character Animation by GOBELINS, l ́école de l’image (Paris, France). He contributes with animations for TED-Ed (New York) and The School of Life (London). Along with his brother Guilherme, he runs Provincia Studio in Brazil. 


Max Rothman - Producer

Right out of the University of Miami, Max worked in the post-production                       department of NBC News as part of the editing team for the Today Show and             Dateline. After a year and half there, he took his talents to the freelance                       world, producing and editing content for musicians, emerging talents in the New York comedy scene, and some of today's brightest up-and-coming filmmakers, all under his Monticello Park Productions banner.  He also writes and directs his own short films, 3 of which are set for release in late 2016/early 2017. 



Andre luiz Machado - Composer

Andre is a Brazilian composer of music for film, TV, stage, games and concert halls. After receiving his bachelor's degree in composition and singing in his home country and being part of several vocal groups like the Goiânia Symphony Choir as well as receiving several commissions for composition commissions, hemoved to the UK to obtain his master's degree in Composition of Music for Film and TV at the University of Bristol (2012). Currently, he's based both in Brazil and the UK, working on film projects as a composer and also as a guest  teacher of Orchestration /Arrangement at ITEGO Basileu França and Film Scoring at OSSIA.

All of his music is sensitively conceived and uniquely  crafted to story and picture, keeping a constant adventurous conversation between the sound and the moving image. His first album titled Dialogues Between the Sound and the Moving  Picture, a collection of music written along his career for Film, TV and Games, was released in 2015, the same  year the Brazilian film Lobo Solitário - A Saga de um Herói Brasileiro received the best local film award during the 17th International Enviromental Film Festival (FICA) in Brazil.



Steve bailey - Narrator

After 40 years in the radio and TV business, Steve recently transitioned to the voiceover world and has already lent his voice talents to companies such as Ace Hardware, John Deere, Funk’s Seed Corn, and more. With a voice best described as “Orson Welles”-ish in rhythm and style, he brings a mature deep, baritone-esque pitch to any project he takes on while retaining a casual, conversational vibe.